Enzymes Bioenergetics

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  1. What is a prosthetic group?
    permanent coenzyme
  2. Which enzymes show sigmoidal action curves?
  3. Most enzymes show what kind of action curve?
  4. A high Km suggest what?
    • Small affinity for substrate
    • i.e
    • glucokinase
  5. What effect does a competitive inhibitor have on Km?
    • Makes it higher
    • i.e---lowers the affinity of the enzyme for the substrate
  6. What effect does a competitive inhibitor have on Vmax and Km?
    Vmax is the same and Km is increased
  7. Enzyme capable of being competitively inhibited?
    • HMG-Coa reductase
    • inhibitor--crestor, lipitor, lovastatin
  8. What effect does a noncompetitive inhibitor have on Vmax and Km?
    • decreases Vmax
    • unchanged Km
  9. What effect does an uncompetitive inhibitor have on an enzyme?
    • Lowers Km
    • Lowers Vmax
  10. What is a homotropic effector?
    substrate is the effector
  11. What is a heterotropic effector?
    substance other than substrate has an effect on an enzyme
  12. What are two enzymes indivative of myocardial infarction?
    • CK2
    • Lactate dehydrogenase
  13. Type III collagen, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrom.. deficient enzyme?
    What would be deficient?
    • Lysyl Hydroxylase
    • AD
    • BV
  14. Deamination of Cytosine to Uracil would be corrected by?
    Base excision repair
  15. Mismatch repair
    Used when?
    defective in what condtion?
    • Wrong bases are inserted
    • HNPC
  16. Ciproflaxin inhibits what?
    Topoisomerase II
  17. Nitrous acid does what to bases?
    deaminates them
  18. Sigma subunit of RNA polymerase does what?
    Sigma--Starts transcription by recognizing and binding to the promoter
  19. Wobble hypothesis?
  20. In what a.a are cis bonds possible?
  21. Drug similar to aminoacyl-tRNA?
  22. What are the sizes the the follwing vectors can carry?
    • 1-10
    • 10-20
    • 35-50
    • 50-250
    • 500-3000
  23. What does a Genomic Library contain?
    Exons and Introns
  24. What does a cDNA library contain?
  25. Icterus?
    Jaundice presents in the eye
  26. Isochromosome results from what genetic phenomenon?
    2 acrocentric chromosomes join end to end
  27. An Isochromosome 21 carrier has what chance of having a child with a trisomy 21?
  28. What does not alter the allelic frequency in a population?
  29. Uniparental Disomy?
    Both chromosomes inherited from one parent
  30. Male to male transmission?
  31. 2 conditions that are x linked dominant?
    • RETT--lethal in males..otherwise..klinefelters
    • Vit D resistant rickets--hypophosphatemia
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