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    • Today I will inform you on how to make stovetop popcorn and why it is better for you. First, I will be giving you guys’ specific details on how to prepare your delicious bowl of stovetop popcorn.
    • Then I will tell you why it is healthier than microwave popcorn. To make stovetop popcorn you will need the following, a 3 quart pot w/ lid, 1 cup of popcorn kernels, and cooking oil.
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    • The first step is to pour cooking oil on the bottom of the pot. You should pour just enough to cover the bottom.
    • Turn the stove on making the flame no bigger than the bottom of the pot. Then you will put two kernels in the pot along with the cooking oil, right after that you should put the top on.
    • Once the two kernels pop, that means the cooking oil is hot enough to throw in the other kernels.
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    • The second step is to throw in 1 cup of kernels into the pot. The popping process will soon begin; it is recommended that you don’t leave the pot unwatched.
    • You will know when the popcorn is ready because during the process of the popping the top will be almost coming off. Before you take the top off, turn the stove off and wait a couple more minutes to make sure that all the kernels are done popping.
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    • The third step is to pour the popcorn into a big bowl. When all the popcorn is out of the bowl, run the pan in cool water so you won’t accidentally burn yourself on the pot.
    • Once all the popcorn is in a big bowl, you can season the popcorn to taste. Stovetop popcorn is a favorite of choice because you can season it with whatever you want.
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    • Now I will be telling you why stovetop popcorn is healthier than microwave popcorn. One reason why stovetop popcorn is healthier than microwave popcorn is because it is high in fiber and protein and low in fat and calories.
    • Also, stovetop popcorn contains multiple vitamins and minerals that microwave popcorns don’t have. Microwave popcorn bags tend to contain sketchy chemicals.
    • No one wants to eat popcorn that may have chemicals in them. Stovetop popcorn is not only healthier but tastes better and it is also fresher.
    • Another reason why stovetop popcorn is better for you is it is more natural and you can still get the same taste out of it or better.
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    • From my own experience, I think that stove top popcorn is better than any other popcorn out there and I think you would like it to. This is because it tastes better and it is healthier for you.
    • Also stovetop popcorn is considered a good snack.
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    It may take you a few more minutes to make stovetop popcorn, but it’s worth it. That was my speech on how to make stovetop popcorn and why it is healthier than microwave popcorn.
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