chp 16-23

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  1. What did Robin Hills work with
    Isolated Chloroplasts
  2. what did the isolated chloroplasts in Robins Hills work show
    • Chloroplasts could redce a dye and release oxygen in the presence of light
    • illuminated Chloroplasts deprived of Carbon dixide accumulate ATP and NADPH
    • Addition of carbon dioxide results in carbohdrate production
  3. Fill in blanks to describe sets of reactions for photosynthesis

    The light and Dark___
    The ligh---and dark----- reactions
    The---- -------- and ----fixation reaction
    • reaction
    • light and dark reactions
    • energey transduction and carbon
  4. What is inversely roportional to wavelenght of light
    photo energy
  5. Where are Internal membrans,thylakoids held and organized at ?
  6. What do Thylakoid membrans houses and what do they do
    Pigments for capturing light and Machinary to produce ATP
  7. Clusters form a Photosystem which--
    acts as an antenna, gathering light energy harvessted by multiple pigment molecules
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