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  1. AT&T covers ___________ of all americans.
    A. 87%
    B. 97%
    C. 67%
    • B. 97%
  2. With AT&T is it possible to talk and surf at the same time?

    True or False
  3. How much faster is AT&T's mobile broadband network than other carriers nationally?
    A. 5 to 10%
    B. 20 to 60%
    C. 35%
    B. 20 to 60%
  4. Please explain how AT&T rollover minutes work?
    It allows customers to keep their unused anytime minutes month to month.
  5. Can you identify what device operating systems are currently being used on AT&T's network?
    A.Blackberry OS
    B.Windows Mobile
    C. Android
    D. iOS
    E. Web OS
    G. A,C and D
    H. All of the above
    H. All of the above
  6. Give one example of a use you can do with AT&T * services?
    Checking usage, paying bills, adding features
  7. What is AT&T's exchange by mail "XBM"?
    A. Convenient way to change features
    B. A way for customers to exchange christmas cards
    C. A way to exchange defective devices during the 1 year manufacturer warranty
    C. A way to exchange defective devices during the 1 year manufacturer warranty
  8. How much is our unlimited messaging plan for families?
    A. $30
    B. $25
    C. $20
    A. $30
  9. On a Smartphone is it required to have a data plan?

    Yes No
  10. How much is our Data Pro 2GB plan?

    A. $15
    B. $30
    C. $25
    C. $25
  11. How many customers use more than 2GB of data on their Smartphone?

    A. 2%
    B. 10%
    C. 4%
    A. 2%
  12. How many WiFi hotspots does AT&T have?
    B. 20,000
    C. 9,500
    B. 20,000
  13. Does AT&T provide free text alerts as you approach your data threshold?

    Yes No
  14. What are some ways you check your data usage?
    A. Through your online AT&T account
    B. From their device *3282# *data# receive free text
    C. Check your free "my wireless app"
    D.All of the above
    D. All of the above
  15. What new network is AT&T launching?
    A. WiMax
    B. LTE
    C. 4G with HSPA+/LTE
    C. 4G with HSPA+/LTE
  16. What advantage does AT&T's 4G Network have over other carriers?
    Faster speeds in none LTE areas. Overall better data experience. Up to 4x times faster.
  17. What are the differences between AT&T I phone and Verizon I Phone?
    A. Only on AT&T does I Phone allow you to talk and surf at the same time.
    B. Only on AT&T does I Phone surf faster up to 35% faster.
    C. Only on AT&T does I Phone work in more than 220 countries.
    D. Only on AT&T does I Phone have access to over 20,000 WiFi hotspots.
    E. Only on AT&T customers can get an I Phone 3GS for only $49
    F. All of the above
    F. All of the above
  18. How much are the new MiFi/Air Cards price plans? And how much data is included?
    • $35/3GB
    • $50/5GB
    • both have $10/GB overage
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