Chapter 20

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  1. The Constitution of ________ abolished slavery in the state.
  2. ______________ was elected to serve as governor of the state of Texas under the Constitution of 1869.
    Edmund Davis
  3. A significant number of the delegates attending the Constitutional Convention of 1875 were affiliated with the __________
  4. The Constitution of 1876 created a __________ state government.
  5. In the November 2007 constitutional amendment elections, voters were asked to consider _______ proposed amendments.
  6. The Texas Bill of Rights prohibits the denial or abridgment of free and equal rights on the basis of _____________
    • creed
    • sex
    • race
  7. The Texas Constitution provides for a state legislature with _____ members in the Senate and ____ members in the House.
    31, 150
  8. Article IV of the Texas Constitution provides for a(n) ________ executive.
  9. Judges in the state of Texas are ___________
    elected by the voters
  10. Constitutional amendments in Texas are proposed by the legislature and approved by the ____________
    voters of the state
  11. Which of the following is not a function of a state constitution?
    Concentrate political power in the hands of a small group of leaders
  12. It is the job of the _____________ to make recommendations for salary increases for members of the Texas Legislature.
    Texas Ethics Commission
  13. Texas has had ___________ constitutions in 200 years.
  14. The first constitution that Texas operated under was actually the _____________
    Mexican Constitution.
  15. In 1827, _______________ was established as the state religion and was supported by the state.
  16. The Constitution of 1836 was written in response to the ______________
    Texas Declaration of Independence.
  17. The Constitution of 1836 differed from the first constitution in that it included constitutional protection for ______________
  18. By 1860, there were over approximately ______________ slaves in Texas, accounting for over 30 percent of the state's population.
  19. Texas adopted its third constitution in 1845 in response to _______________
  20. The Constitution of _________ was drafted following Texas' secession from the union.
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