SAT Vocab T Words

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  1. Tacit
    Explained without words
  2. Taciturn
    Not inclined to talk
  3. Tantamount
    Equivalent in value or significance
  4. Temerity
    Audacity, recklessness
  5. Tenuous
    Having little substance or strength
  6. Timorous
    Timid; fearful
  7. Torpid
    Lethargic, dormant, lacking motion
  8. Tractable
    Easily controlled
  9. Transient
    Passing through briefly; passing into and out of existence
  10. Transmute
    To change or alter in form
  11. Trenchant
    Effective, articulate, clear cut
  12. Truculent
    Ready to fight; cruel
  13. Turgid
    Swollen; excessively embellished in style or language
  14. Turpitude
    Depravity; moral corruption
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