Endocrine system

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  1. Homeostasis
    Receptor, control center, effector
  2. Pathway from receptor to control center
  3. Control center to effector
  4. Negative feedback
    any change that is opposite the initial change
  5. blood sugar range
    80-100 ml grams per deci liter
  6. Postive feedback
    • maintaining of inital change
    • blood clot, contractions
  7. Endocrine system
    • Hormones
    • Non continuose system
    • lumps that are very specific
  8. Amino-acid based hormones
    • Indirect activation
    • Hormone is ligand
    • Work only with G-protein and second messenger
    • Ciclic amps and calcium
  9. Steroid hormone
    • Hormones come through cell, no second messenger
    • 1/2 life
    • duration varies
  10. Tyroxin
    Amino acid that acts like steroid no second messenger
  11. Permisive
    • Needs permission to work
    • One hormone needs ok to work
  12. Synergism
    Both have to go together to get reaction
  13. Antagonism
    • One works in response to the other
    • One goes up and the other goes down
  14. Humoral
    Blood stimuli, blood sugar
  15. Neural
    Comes from the nervous system
  16. Hormonal
    One hormone telling another to secrete hormone
  17. Pituitary (Hypophysis)
    • Pineal area
    • 2 lobes
  18. Anteroir lobe
    • Adenohypophisis
    • Secretes 6 hormones
  19. Tropic hormones
  20. Posterior lobe
    • Neurohypophysis
    • Secretes oxytocin and ADH
  21. Growth hormone
    • anterior lobe
    • growth hormone
  22. Dwarfism
    hypo-secretion in children
  23. Gigantism
  24. Acromegaly
    hyper- secretion after growth should have stopped adults
  25. Thyroid-stimulating hormone
    Stimulates thyroid-to secrete thyroxin
  26. Cretinism
    Hypo-stunted growth and mental retardation
  27. Myxedema
    Adults-snake like skin
  28. Hyperthyroidism
    Hyper-graves disease-lots of problems waste away
  29. Adrenocorticotropic hormone ACTH
    Tells other cells to secrete adrenal hormone
  30. Crushings disease
    Hyper-big mid-section small limbs
  31. Follicle-stimulating hormone FSH
    Sex hormone
  32. Luteinizing hormone LH
    Sex hormone
  33. Prolactin PRL
    Promotes lactation
  34. Galactorrhea
    Milk but not pregnant or had baby
  35. Menses
  36. Gynecomastia
    Enlargement of breasts in males
  37. Oxytocin
    • Pituitary gland secretion
    • Regulates contractions
    • Cuddle hormone makes men lovie
  38. Antidiuretic hormone ADH
    • Pituitary gland secretion
    • Stops your body from peeing to much
  39. Diabetes insipidus
    Hypo-not related to glucose-pee out to much
  40. Thyroid gland
    Secretes calcitonin and thyroxin
  41. Follicle cells
    Secrete thyroglobulin
  42. Parafollicular cell
    Secretes calcitonin
  43. Iodine
    Mixes with thyroglobulin to make thyroxin
  44. Thyroxin
    Metabolic hormone
  45. Calcitonin
    lowers blood calcium increases bone calcium
  46. Goiter
    No absorbtion of thyroglobulin, collects on thyroid gland
  47. Hasimotoes
    • Secretes more thyroxin
    • immune system secretes anti bodies and body makes more thyroxin
  48. Parathyroid Gland
    • 4 to 8 glands
    • Secretes parathyroid hormone
    • Increases blood calcium
  49. Cheif cells
    Secretes parathyroid hormone
  50. Oxyphil cells
    We dont know what they do
  51. Osteitis
    Hyper-secretion-thicking of bone, extentions of bones
  52. Osteoclasts
    Kill bone
  53. Parathyroid hormone
    Increases blood calcium, decreases bone calcium
  54. Calcitonin
    Decreases blood calcium, increases bone calcium
  55. Adrenal Cortex
    25 hormones
  56. Medulla
    • Middle of adrenal gland
    • Secretes Catecholamines
  57. Cortex
    • Outside of adrenal gland
    • Secretes three corticoids
  58. Mineralo-corticoid
    • Secreted by cortex
    • Secretes hormones related to minerals
  59. Gluco-corticoid
    • Secreted by cortex
    • Secretes hormones related to glucose
  60. Gonado-corticoid
    • Secreted by cortex
    • Secretes hormones related to reproduction
  61. Aldosterone
    Hormone that regulates sodium
  62. Mineralocorticoids
    • Secreted by cortex
    • Sodium regulation
    • Directly regulates sodium, indirectly regulates water
  63. Aldosteronism
  64. Addings disease
    Dehydration symptoms
  65. Glucocorticoids
    • Secreted by cortex
    • Glucos regulation
  66. Cushing syndrome
  67. Addisons disease
  68. Gonadocorticoids
    • Secreted by cortex
    • Reproductive
  69. Adrenogenital
    Hypo-secretion-male char. in females
  70. Catecholamines
    • Secreted by medulla
    • Epinephrine
  71. Pancreace
    Secretes hormones and enzymes
  72. Exocrine
    Secretes enzymes
  73. Endocrine
    Secretes hormones
  74. Acinar cells
    Secretes enzymes in pancreas
  75. Islet of Langerhans
    Secretes hormones
  76. Alpha Cells
    Secretes glucagon-29 proteins
  77. Beta Cells
    Secretes insulin-31 proteins
  78. Insulin
    • Secreted when blood sugar is up
    • Tells gluts to open to lower sugar levels
  79. Glucagon
    Secreted when blood sugar is low Pancreas secretes glucagon which makes glycogen to brain
  80. Type 1 Diabetes
    • No insulin produced
    • Injections needed to lower blood sugar
    • Mostly children
  81. Type 2 Diabetes
    • Not dependent on insulin
    • Glut doors arent opening in responce to high blood sugar
    • Insuline forces gluts open
  82. Polyuria
    Pee alot
  83. Polydipsia
    Always thirsty
  84. Polyphagia
    Always hungry
  85. Ketonuria
    • Lipid break down very fast
    • Acetone breath
  86. Hypoglicimia
    • Suger adsorbsion takes twice as long
    • Blood surgar levels are inadiquite
  87. Gonads & Ovaries
    Angrogene-secretes estrogen, progestrine, testosterine

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Endocrine system

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