Dental Materials

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  1. chemicals, devices, or procedures that reduce or eliminate disease or tooth destruction in the oral cavity
    prevention/preventive aids
  2. naturally occurring mineral that helps protect tooth structure from dental caries
  3. enamel condition caused by consumption of excessive levels of fluoride
  4. action that removes mineral from the tooth, usually caused by acids
  5. a disease process whereby bacteria in plaque metabolize carbohydrates and produc acids that remove mineral from teeth and permit bacteria to invade the tooth and do further damage
    dental caries
  6. tooth mineral that results when fluoride is incorporated into the toothe
  7. substances or microorganisms that promote dental caries
  8. loss of tooth mineral coaused by dietary or gastric acids, not by bacterial metabolism (caries process)
  9. liquid used to rinse the oral cavity to reduce or suppress bacteria associated with dental caries or periodontal disease
    antibacterial mouth rinse
  10. property of a material to have a prolonged therapeutic effect after its initial use
  11. available in retail or drug stores without a doctor's prescription
    Over-the-counter (OTC)
  12. a protective resin that is bonded to enamel to protect pits and fissures from dental caries
  13. a chemical that seals open dentinal tubules in order to reduce tooth sensitivity to air, sweets, and temperature changes
    desensitizing agent
  14. a hard or pliable material that protects teeth from trauma during sports activities or as the result of teeth grinding
    mouth gaurd
  15. made specifically to fit one individual
  16. a cosmetic process that uses chemicals to remove discolorations from teeth or to lighten them
  17. stains occurring on the tooth surface
    extrinsic stains
  18. stains that are incorporated into the tooth structure, usually during the tooth's development
    intrinsic stains
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