Anatomy Cellular Diversity

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  1. Do all the cells have the same function or structure?
  2. Do all the cells hold exactly the same genetic information?
  3. What causes the cell to become specialized or differentiated?
    activation of specific genes
  4. What are the cells that connect body parts or line organs?
    connective tissue
  5. What are the cells that move organs and body parts?
    muscle tissues
  6. What are the cells that store nutrients?
    organs like the liver or fat cells
  7. What are the cells that fight disease?
    immune system cells that belong to connective tissues
  8. What are the cells that gather information and control body function?
    nervous system cells
  9. What are the cells for reproduction?
    egg and sperm cells
  10. Do all the body cells have the same 46 chromosomes?
    yes, but they look different because they express different genes
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