Anatomy Ch 2 cancer/cell history

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  1. How does Cancer get in your system?
    results from genetic change in cell that causes it to divide rapidly
  2. What is a tumor?
    when the rapid division does not allow for proper cell differentiation and function and results in mass formation
  3. What are the 2 things the tumor may be?
    malignant: has the ability to metastasize (cancer cells spread through the body)

  4. Who first observed a cell when microscopes were invented in the 1600's?
    Robert Hooke
  5. What did Matthias Schleiden and Theodor Schawn declared?
    that all living things are made up of cells
  6. Who concluded that cells arise from all other living cells?
    Rudolf Virchow
  7. What are all living things made up of?
  8. What is the smallest unit of life?
  9. What do cells arise from?
    other living cells by cell division
  10. What are the discrete specialized structures that assist in cell function & structure?
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