C2 Maths

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  1. What's the cosine rule to find the length of a line?
    a² = b² + c² - 2bc cos A
  2. What the cosine rule to find an angle?
    cosA = (b² + c² - a²) / 2bc
  3. What is the Sine rule for length?
    a / sinA = b / sinB = c / sinC
  4. What is the sine rule for angles?
    just swap length rule

    sinA/ a = sinB / b = sinC / c
  5. How would you find the area of a non-right angled triangle?
    ½bc sin A
  6. What is the logarithm general rule?
    aˣ = b ⇔ Log (𝑎) b = x
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