Epicranial muscles

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  1. Frontalis
    Raises Eyebrows
  2. Occipitalis
    Tenses and retracts scalp
  3. Orbicularis Oris
    Compresses, purses lips (kissing)
  4. Zygomaticus Major
    Retracts and elevates corners of mouth (smiling)
  5. Levator labii superioris
    Elevates upper lip
  6. Depressor labii inferioris
    Depresses lower lip
  7. Buccinator
    Compresses cheeks (whistling/blowing and sucking)
  8. Mentalis
    Elevates and protudes lower lip (pouting)
  9. Platysma
    Tenses skin of neck and depresses mandible
  10. Risorius
    Draws corner of mouth to the side
  11. Orbicularis oculi
    Closes the eye
  12. Corrugator supercilii
    Pulls skin inferiorly and anteriorly wrinkles brow (frowning)
  13. Levator palpebrae superioris
    Elevates upper eyelid, opens eye
  14. Superior rectus
    Moves eyeball superiorly and medially
  15. Inferior rectus
    Moves eyeball inferiorly and medially
  16. Lateral rectus
    Moves eyball laterally
  17. Medial rectus
    Moves eyeball medially
  18. Superior oblique
    Moves eyeball inferiorly and laterally
  19. Inferior oblique
    Moves eyeball superiorly and laterally
  20. Masseter

    • Elevates mandible, as in closing mouth, and retracts mandible
    • Origin: Maxilla
    • Insertion: Mandible
  21. Temporalis

    • Elevates and retracts mandible
    • Origin: Temporal bone
    • Insertion: Mandible
  22. Medial pterygoid
    Elevates and protracts mandible
  23. Lateral pterygoid
    Protracts and depresses mandible (as in opening the mouth)
  24. Genioglossus

    • Depresses tongue and thrusts it anteriorly (protraction)
    • Origin: Mandible
    • Insertion: Under surface of tongue
  25. Styloglossus
    Elevates tongue and draws it posteriorly (retraction)
  26. Stylohyoid

    • Don't need to know action
    • Origin: Styloid process
    • Insertion: Hyoid bone
  27. Hyoglossus
    Depresses and retracts tongue
  28. Digastric
    (Anterior & Posterior)

    • Elevates hyoid bone and depresses mandible (as in opening the mouth)
    • Origin: Anterior belly-inner side of inferior border of mandible,
    • Posterior belly-mastoid process of temporal bone
    • Insertion: Hyoid bone
  29. Sternocleidomastoid

    • Acting together (bilaterally), flex neck
    • Acting singly (unilaterally) rotate head to side opposite contracting muscle
    • Origin: Sternum and clavicle
    • Insertion: Mastoid process
  30. Splenius capitis
    • Acting together-extend neck
    • Acting singly-laterally flex and rotate neck to same side as contracting muscle
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