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  1. What is the incoming ray called, before it reflects off an interface?
    • Ancident Ray (r)

  2. What is the angle between the normal and incident ray called?
    • Angle of incidence

  3. What is the reflected ray called?
    • Reflected ray

  4. What is the angle between the reflected ray and the normal called?
    • Angle of incidence

  5. What is an interface?
    • A boundry between media

  6. What is the material through which light travels?
    • Media, pl Medium

  7. How does light travel?
    • In straight lines

  8. What is a beam of light?
    • Many rays that are parallel to eachother

  9. When a beam of light hits a flat, plane mirror, doe steh reflection preserve or scatter the angles between rays?
    • The reflection preserves the angles

  10. When a beam of light hits a bumbym rough surface, does the reflection preserve or scatter the rays?
    • The reflection scatters the rays

  11. What are the characteristics of an image, seen in a plane mirror?
    • The object and image are the same size (S)
    • The image is seen behind the mirror (For)
    • The distance is equidistant (Equid)
    • The image is laterally inverted (I)
    • And the image is virtual (V)

  12. What is the first thing to draw when showing the reflection from any curved mirror?
    • The principle axis (P or PA)

  13. Steps to draw reflection from a curved mirror:
    • 1) Principle Axis
    • 2) Mirror Line
    • 3) Mirror
    • 4) Focus, Centre of curvature
    • 5) Object on Principle Axis
    • 6) 1st ray of light from top of arrow, running parallel to PA, reflects through the primary focus
    • All othe rrays are drawn

  14. Doe sthe reflective surface curve inward or outward (like the Balls) in a concave mirror?

    It curves inward

  15. Does the reflective surface curve inward or outward (like the balls) in a convex mirror?

    It curves outward

  16. If the object is at the centre of curvature for a concave mirror, will it be real or Virtual?
    • Real

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