Latin Expressions

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  1. A.D
    anno domini
    in the year of the Lord
  2. a.m
    ante meridiem
  3. c.
  4. c.v.
    curriculum vitae
    course of life; career achievements
  5. cf.
  6. e.g.
    exempli gratia
    for the sake of an example
  7. etc.
    et cetera
    and other things
  8. i.e.
    id est
    that is
  9. ibid.
    in the same place
  10. n.b.
    nota bene
  11. p.m.
    post meridiem
    after midday
  12. p.s.
    post scriptum
    written after
  13. v.
  14. a fortiori
    from the stronger argument
  15. a priori
    from the earlier argument
  16. ad hoc
    for this purpose
  17. ad hominem
    against the person
  18. ad nauseam
    to the point of sickness
  19. alumnus/alumna
    a male/female
  20. cum laude
    with praise
  21. deus ex machina
    a god from the machine
  22. ex gratia
    out of good will
  23. ex officio
    as a result of being in office
  24. ex tempore
    out of time
  25. in camera
    in a room
  26. in toto
    in total
  27. inter alia
    among other things
  28. mutatis mutandis
    with the various factors changed that need to be changed
  29. non sequitur
    it does not follow
  30. quorum
    of whom
  31. sine die
    without a date
  32. terminus ante quem
    the liit before which
  33. terminus post quem
    the limit after which
  34. vice versa
    in turn
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