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  1. Problems w/ Static Positioning
    • Positioned out of alignment (trunk not aligned)
    • Placed in wrong size of equipment (too large or too small)
    • Kept in equipment too long (over 20 minutes)
  2. Progression of positioning
    • Prone w/ forearm support
    • Prone w/ extended arm support
    • Rolling from prone to supine and supine to prone
    • Sitting w/ arm or turnk support
    • Creep forward on stomach w/ reciprocal pattern
    • Independent sit w/ straight back
    • Four-point craw w/ reciprocal pattern
    • Knee stand/ half-knee stand
    • Pull to stand/cruise both directions
    • Independent stand/ambulation
  3. Best Positions for Stability and to Decrease tone
    • Hypertonic-side lying in a tucked position w/ support; supine w/ knees bent and head supported.
    • Hypotonic-sidelying in a tucked position w/ support
    • Either-sidelying in a tucked position w/ no support
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