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  1. "Evaluate" means to _______ or find the value of an expression or to _______ the expression to as great an extent as possible.
    • draw out
    • simplify
  2. An expression is considered "grouped" if there is an ________ within the grouping symbols to be performed.
  3. In algebraic expressions, if no further simplification can be obtained within grouped expression, the ____________ _______ may provide a rule for further simplification.
    distributive law
  4. The Left Distributive Law States that A(B + C) =
    AB + AC
  5. In the Left Distributive Law, the ______ ________ and the __________ ___________are distributed to the B and to the C.
    • factor A
    • implied multiplication
  6. The Right Distributive Law States that (A + B)C =
    AC + BC
  7. In the Right Distributive Law, the ______________ _______ and the ___________ __________ are distributive to the A and to the B.
    • factor C
    • implied multiplication
  8. The Distributive Law States that A( B + C ) =
    AB + AC
  9. In the Distributive Law, _____ _____ and the ______ ________ are distributed to the B and to the C.
    • factor A
    • implied multiplication
  10. In the foregoing problems, the distributive law provides a rule for transforming _______ _______ into _______ _________ and vice versa.
    grouped expressions

    ungrouped expressions

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