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  1. Mahavira
    • 14 auspicious (good fortune) dreams of Trishaia (mother)
    • No kick in the womb
    • Mean: "He who brings prosperity"
    • Teaching: nonviolence
  2. Tirthankara
    24 founder of the Jain faith
  3. Mahavrats 'great vows'
    • Ahimsa - non injury of living beings.
    • Gain monks vow to always speak the truth
    • Jains monks vow to refrain from taking anything that is not given to them
    • They renounce sexual pleasures (stay ture to your own man/woman)
    • They renounce all attachments (my bag-vs-the bag)
  4. Anekantvad
    • "relativity"
    • Be open-minded
    • Avoid being judgemental
    • Any issue can be seen from multiple angles
    • Cleanse your own vision
    • Half truths
  5. Three Gems
    • Right Perception/Faith
    • Right Knowledge
    • Right Conduct
  6. Divali
    Jains celebrate Mahavira's liberation
  7. Digambaras
    • "The sky clad"
    • The more conservative sect of Jainism, which holds nudity as an ideal for its monks
  8. Shvetambaras
    • "The white clad"
    • The more liveral sect of Jainism
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