Breaking stuff

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  1. (얼굴이/몸매가/휴대폰이)망가지다
    to be broken (made useless; cannot fix)
  2. (~을/를) 망가뜨리다
    to break (make useless)
  3. (~이/가) 떨어지다
    to fall over/down
  4. (~을/를)떨어뜨리다
    to make fall over
  5. (유리가)깨지다
    to break/shatter (glass)
  6. (~을/를) 깨뜨리다
    to make shattered/broken
  7. (낙엽이/쿠키가)부서지다
    to be crumble/cracked (a cookie, fallen leaves)
  8. (~을/를) 부서뜨리다
    to make crumble/cracked
  9. (샤프심이) 부러지다
    to be broken in half (a pencil lead/baseball bat)
  10. (~을/를) 부러뜨리다
    to break (a baseball hat in half...)
  11. (타이어가/풍선이/푹탄이) 터지다
    to be burst(ed), exploded (a tire, balloon, bomb)
  12. (~을/를) 터뜨리다
    to make burst/explode
  13. (건물이, 기대가)무너지다
    to fall apart, breakdown (a building, expectation)
  14. (~을/를)무너뜨리다
    to make fall apart, collapse (buildings, expectations)
  15. (이/가)넘어지다
    to trip/fall
  16. (~을/를) 넘어뜨리다
    to make trip or fall
  17. (물에/구멍에/사랑에/늪에) 빠지다
    to fall in ...
  18. (~을/를) 빠뜨리다
    to make fall in...
  19. (나무가/술에 취해서) 쓰러지다
    to collapse (faint), pass out
  20. (~을/를) 쓰러뜨리다
    to make faint, pass out
  21. (~이/가) 미끄러지다
    to slip
  22. (~을/를) 미끄러뜨리다
    to make slip
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