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  1. addormentarsi
    to fall asleep
  2. allacciare
    to fasten
  3. alzarsi
    to get up
  4. andare (essere)
    to go
  5. annoiarsi
    to get bored
  6. aprire
    to open
  7. arrabbiarsi
    to get angry
  8. attraversare
    to cross
  9. bere
    to drink
  10. cambiare
    to change; to exchange
  11. camminare
    to walk
  12. capire (isc)
    to understand
  13. chiedere
    to ask
  14. chiudere
    to close
  15. colpire (isc)
    to hit; to strike
  16. compilare
    to fill out
  17. conoscere
    to know someone/something
  18. continuare
    to continue
  19. coprire
    to cover
  20. correre
    to run
  21. costare
    to cost
  22. costruire (isc)
    to build; to construct
  23. credere
    to believe
  24. dare
    to give
  25. dire
    to say
  26. divertirsi
    to enjoy oneself
  27. dormire
    to sleep
  28. dovere
    to have to
  29. fermarsi
    to stop
  30. finire (isc)
    to finish
  31. girare
    to turn
  32. lampeggiare
    to lightning
  33. lavare
    to wash
  34. lavarsi
    to wash oneself
  35. leggere
    to read
  36. mettere
    to put
  37. mettersi
    to put on
  38. nevicare
    to snow
  39. offrire
    to offer
  40. partire
    to leave/depart
  41. perdere
    to lose
  42. piovere
    to rain
  43. potere
    to be able to
  44. preferire (isc)
    to prefer
  45. prelevare
    to withdraw (money)
  46. prendere
    to take
  47. pulire (isc)
    to clean
  48. pulirsi
    to clean oneself
  49. ricevere
    to receive
  50. ripetere
    to repeat
  51. rispondere a
    to answer
  52. salire (essere)
    to go up
  53. sapere
    to know how to do something
  54. scendere
    to go down
  55. scrivere
    to write
  56. sentire
    to hear
  57. sentirsi
    to feel
  58. servire
    to serve
  59. soffrire
    to suffer
  60. sparire (isc)
    to dissapear
  61. spendere
    to spend (money)
  62. sposarsi
    to get married
  63. svegliarsi
    to wake up
  64. tenere
    to hold; to keep
  65. trovare
    to find
  66. tuonare
    to thunder
  67. uscire (essere)
    to go out
  68. vedere
    to see
  69. vendere
    to sell
  70. venire (essere)
    to come
  71. versare
    to deposit (money)
  72. vestirsi
    to dress oneself
  73. vivere
    to live (biologically)
  74. volere
    to want to

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