Laparoscopic/Surgery Terms

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  1. Diagnostic endoscopic procedure
    • -A laparoscopic procedure that allows for visualization
    • of areas of interest for observation and diagnosis
    • -Only one primary puncture is performed
  2. Therapeutic endoscopic procedure
    • -Laparoscopic procedure involving corrective surgery
    • -Three, four or more cannulas are inserted into the abdomen
  3. Pneumoperitoneum
    the introduction of gas, carbon dioxide, into the abdominal or peritoneal cavity
  4. Verres needle
    Device used to facilitate the introduction of carbon dioxide into the abdomen to create a pneumoperitoneum. Same as a insufflation needle
  5. Supine
    Lying on back with face up
  6. Trendelenberg Position
    Lying supine with the head of the table tilted down 20 – 30 degrees
  7. Bipolar
    Electrocautery device that transfers electrical current between two poles or tips
  8. Blind Puncture
    Laparoscopic entry into the abdomen that is not done under direct vision
  9. Blunt trocar
    A trocar that does not have a cutting tip
  10. Cannula
    A small tube for insertion into a body cavity or the abdominal wall
  11. Electrocautery Generator
    A device that allows tissue to be cauterized by an electrical current
  12. Endoloops
    Looped suture ligature used to occlude small tubular structures during laparoscopy
  13. Harmonic Scalpel
    Medical device that uses ultrasounds moving 55,000 times per second to denature collagen and seal vessels
  14. Light Guide Cable
    Fiber optic cable that attached from the light source to a laparoscope for illumination of the surgical site.
  15. Insufflation Needle
    • Device used to facilitate the introduction of carbon dioxide into
    • the abdomen to create a pneumoperitoneum
  16. Monopolar
    Electrocautery device that transfers electrical current from a tip through a patient to a ground pad placed on the patient.
  17. Obturator
    A device that blocks the opening of a trocar that is being introduced through the abdominal wall.
  18. Trocar
    • A sharp-pointed instrument fitted with a cannula used to insert the cannula
    • through the abdominal wall.
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