Vocab 1, 3, 6, 7

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  1. Adulterate
    To corrupt, make worse by the addition of something of lesser value
  2. Ambidextrous
    Able to use both hands equally well; very skillful; deceitful; hypocritical
  3. Augment
    To make larger, increase
  4. Bereft
    Deprived of; made unhappy through a loss
  5. Deploy
    To position or arrange; to utilize; to form up
  6. Dour
    Stern, unyielding, gloomy, ill-humored
  7. Fortitude
    Courage in facing difficulties
  8. Gape
    To stare with open mouth; to open the mouth wide; to open wide
  9. Gibe
    To utter taunting words; an expression of scorn
  10. Guise
    An external appearance, cover, mask
  11. Insidious
    Intended to deceive or entrap; sly, treacherous
  12. Intimation
    A hint, indirect suggestion
  13. Opulent
    Wealthy, luxurious; ample; grandiose
  14. Pliable
    Easily bent, flexible; easily influenced
  15. Reiterate
    To say again, repeat
  16. Stolid
    Not easily moved mentally or emotionally; dull, unresponsive
  17. Tentative
    Experimental in nature; uncertain; hesitant
  18. Unkempt
    Not combed; untidy; not properly maintained; unpolished, rude
  19. Verbatim
    Word for word; exactly as written or spoken
  20. Warily
    Cautiously, with great care
  21. Adversary
    An enemy, opponent
  22. Alienate
    To turn away; to make indifferent or hostile; to transer, convey
  23. Artifice
    Skillful or ingenious device; a clever trick; a clever skill; trickery
  24. Coerce
    To compel, force
  25. Craven
    Cowardly; a coward
  26. Culinary
    Of or related to cooking or the kitchen
  27. Delete
    To erase, wipe out, cut out
  28. Demise
    A death, especially of a person in a lofty position
  29. Exhilarate
    To enliven, cheer, give spirit or liveliness to
  30. Fallow
    Plowed but not seeded; inactive; reddish-yellow; land left unseeded; to plow but not seed
  31. Harass
    To disturb, worry; to trouble by repeated attacks
  32. Inclement
    Stormy, harsh; severe in attitude or action
  33. Muse
    To think about in a dreamy way, ponder
  34. Negligible
    So unimportant that it can be diregarded
  35. Perpetuate
    To make permanent or long lasting
  36. Precedent
    An example that may serve as a basis for imitation or later action
  37. Punitive
    Inflicting or aiming at punishment
  38. Redress
    To set right, remedy; relief from wrong or injury
  39. Sojourn
    A temporary stay; to stay for a time
  40. Urbane
    Refined in a manner or style, suave
  41. Accede
    To yield to; to assume an office or dignity
  42. Brandish
    To wave or flourish in a meancing or vigorous fashion
  43. Comprise
    To include or contain; to be made up of
  44. Deft
    Skillful, nimble
  45. Destitute
    Deprived of the necessities of life; lacking in
  46. Explicit
    Definite, clearly stated
  47. Extirpate
    To tear up by the roots; to destroy totally
  48. Inopportune
    Coming at a bad time; not appropriate
  49. Ironic
    Suggesting an incongruity between what might be expected and what actually happens
  50. Musty
    Stale, moldy; out-of-date
  51. Officious
    Meddling; excessibely forward in offering services or assuming authority
  52. Ominous
    Unfavorable, threatening, of bad omen
  53. Pinnacle
    A high peak or point, apex
  54. Premeditated
    Considered beforehand, deliberately planned
  55. Rampant
    Growing without check, running wild
  56. Solace
    Comfort, relief; to comfort, console
  57. Stately
    Dignified, majestic
  58. Supple
    Bending easily; bending with agility; readily adaptable; servile
  59. Suppress
    To stop by force, put down
  60. Venal
    Open to or marked by bribery or corruption
  61. Abhor
    To regard with horror or loathing; to hate deeply
  62. Amend
    To change in a formal way; to change for the better
  63. Buffet
    To slap or cut off; to strike repeatedly; to drive or force with blows; to force one's way with difficulty; a slap, blow
  64. Chaos
    Great confusion, disorder
  65. Commodious
    Roomy, spacious
  66. Corrosive
    Eating away gradually, acidlike; bitterly sarcastic
  67. Discern
    To see clearly, recognize
  68. Extant
    Still existing; not exterminated, destroyed, or lost
  69. Implicate
    To involve in; to connect with or be related to
  70. Inter
    To bury, commit to the earth; to consign to oblivion
  71. Martinet
    A strict disciplinarian; a stickler for the rules
  72. Obviate
    To anticipate and prevent; to remove, dispose of
  73. Renegade
    One who leaves a group; a deserter, outlaw; traitorous; unconventional, unorthodox
  74. Reprehensible
    Deserving blame or punishment
  75. Somber
    Dark, gloomy; depressed or melancholy in spirit
  76. Squalid
    Filty, wretched, debased
  77. Turbulent
    Disorderly, riotous, violent; stormy
  78. Vociferous
    Loud and noisy; compelling attention
  79. Voluminous
    Of great size; numerous; writing or speaking at great length
  80. Waive
    To do without, give up voluntarily; to put off temporarily, defer
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