classical roots

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  1. lucent
    shining,luminous, permitting light to pass through
  2. lucid
    easy to understand, logical
  3. elucidate
    ti make easy to understand, clarify
  4. pellucid
    very clear, translucent
  5. luminary
    something that gives off light, or someone who is outstanding in a particular field
  6. luminesence
    light emitted by means other than burning
  7. muster
    to assemble people
  8. remonsytrate
    to speak in protest
  9. umbrage
    extreme offense, resentment
  10. adumbrate
    give a sketchy outline,forshadow indistinctly
  11. denugrate
    • speake derogatively of someone's charcter
    • defeame
    • disparage
  12. necromancy
    • predicting events by commnicating with the dead
    • black magic
  13. pall
    • coffin cover, tomb
    • anything that darkens/makes gloomy
  14. palliate
    make less serious
  15. pallid
    • lacking color/interest
    • pale
  16. apocalypse
    • prophetic disclosure
    • widespread destruction
  17. apocryphal
  18. apoplexy
    stroke. loss of muscular control
  19. apostate
    person who forsakes their own principals
  20. castigate
    to punish/criticize severely
  21. chasten
    to seek to improve through punishment
  22. occlusion
    an obstruction
  23. recluse
    hermit, lives alone
  24. clavier
    keyboard instrument
  25. conclave
    secret meeting
  26. enclave
    a country in another
  27. diadem
    crown worn for authority
  28. diatribe
    abusive criticism or attack
  29. diametrical
    • diameter
    • opposite
  30. diaspora
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