Lecture 25: Respiratory

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  1. Nasal cavity epithelium
    • 2 types:
    • stratified squamous- air enters
    • pseudostratified ciliated- remainder
  2. Trachea
    • Ciliated, pseduostratified columnar
    • has goblet cells, basal bodies
    • Also has these cells: brush cell- receptor cell connected to sympathetic afferent nerve; small granule cell- eneteroendocrine
  3. Bronchus
    • cartilage plates
    • Spiral band of sm m running in opp directions to keep airway open
    • submucosal glands
  4. Bronchiole
    • transitions from columnar -> CUBOIDAL
    • NO cartilage
    • NO glands
    • sm. m
    • Decrease ciliated cells; goblet cells
    • Some Clara cells
    • reuction in "fluid producing" cells
    • ASTHMA
  5. Terminal bronchioles
    • Ciliated cuboidal
    • NO goblet cells
    • Sm m layer thinner, irreg. shaped lumen
    • Many Clara cells
    • CF
  6. Respiratory bronchioles
    • lined by squamous epithelium
    • presence of thin-walled outpocketings (alveoli)
  7. Alveoli
    • Type I cells (type I pneumocytes):
    • squamous, thin nucleus, thinness for max gas Xchange
    • Type II cells (type II pneumocytes):
    • froathy cytoplasm (vaculated)
    • site for surfactant production
    • pyrimidal shape
  8. Surfactant
    • [hi] of dipalmitoyl lecithin
    • Lamellar bodies in type II- storage site for surfactant
    • Clara cells contribute some

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