Neuro Lab

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  1. Mental Status Evaluation
    List all the steps
    • 1. Orientation
    • 2. Level of alertness, attention and cooperation
    • 3. Memory
    • 4. Language
    • 5. Calculations
    • 6. Aparxia
    • 7. Sequencing tasks
    • 8. Abstraction
  2. Mental Status
    Ask the pt's name, location and date
  3. Mental Status
    Level of Alertness, attention and cooperation
    • Ask pt to spell a word forward and backward
    • Ask pt to repeat a string of integers forward and backward
    • Ask pt to name the months forward and backward
  4. Mental Status
    • Recent - recall three items after 5 minute delay
    • Remote - recall certain historical facts within pts memory
    • "where did you go to high school"
  5. Mental Status
    • Object naming
    • Repetition of single words and sentences
  6. Mental Status
    simple additions and subtractions, should be two or more steps
  7. Mental Status
    Following a complex motor command like "pretend to comb your hair" or "pretend to brush your teeth"
  8. Mental Status
    Sequencing tasks
    Ask pt to tap the table with: fist, open palm, then side of open hand(rock, paper, scissors) perform as rapidly as possible
  9. Mental Status
    abstration interpertation of a proberb or colloquialism :the early bird getsthe worm
  10. Motor System Exam
    the list
    • 1. Inspection
    • 2. Testing Muscle Strength
  11. Motor System Exam
    • check limbs and trunk for fasciculations's (hands, shoulders and thigh)
    • look for atrophy/hypertrophy
    • observe posture
  12. Motor System Exam
    Testing Muscle Strength
    • 1. Passively move limbs through range of motion noting resistance and rigidity
    • 2. Ask pt to hold arms straight out front palms up for 20 to 30 secs with eyes closed, look for drift to one side or pronator drift.
    • 3. test muscle strength at multiple joints and record
  13. Oxford or Van Allen's Scale
    • 0 - nothing
    • 1 - evidence of contraction
    • 2 - and motion gravity neutral
    • 3 - and motion against gravity
    • 4 - and resistance
    • 5 - and joint lock
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