Maniac Magee Part 2

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  1. extort
    to obtain from a person by force, threat, or intimidation
  2. goad
    stick with a pointed or electrically charged end for driving cattle; prod
  3. portal
    a large door, gate or entrance
  4. desolation
    loneliness; sorrrow; grief
  5. prone
    having a natural tendency towards something; disposed; liable
  6. nonchalantly
    coolly; unconcerned; indifferent
  7. surge
    a strong, wavelike movement, rush
  8. maraud
    to raid; plunder(to rob of goods, valuables as in war)
  9. shenanigans
    mischief; prankishness; deceit
  10. dove tail
    something that resembles a dove's tail; a tenon broader at its end than its base
  11. gaunt
    extremely thin and bony; haggard
  12. carrion
    dead and decaying flesh or odor
  13. urchin
    a mischievous boy
  14. retaliate
    return like for like; evil for evil
  15. beseech
    to beg; solicit; to look for
  16. gauntlet
    a former punishment, chiefly military in which the offender was made to run between 2 rows of men who struck at him with switches or weapons as he passed
  17. ludicrous
    ridiculous; laughable
  18. zany
    absurdly or whimsically comic
  19. exuberance
    enthusiastic or vigorous
  20. reprisal
    retaliation against an enemy by the infliction of equal or greater injuries
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