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  1. Four wast management factors that can be determend durring the design phase
    • 1. conseder the waste generated by the use of a materal in the construction process
    • 2. having waste managment plans writen for the trade contractors on site
    • 3. Make a schedule on when the waste will be created, so you know how best to recycle, reuse, or dispose
    • 4. life cycle costing
  2. Waste management in the construction phase
    • Waste due to theft
    • waste due to operations
    • waste prevention during purchasing
    • Recycling and Reuse of waste On-site
    • Understanding local and state material recycling and salvage requirements
    • Storm water pollution prevention requirments
  3. waste due to theft
    • green materials are not readily available and are suseptable to theft
    • seccure your job site and have security cameras in place
  4. waste due to oporations
    • have a documented precedure to allow for wast reduction.
    • provide records of the wste management on the project
    • storage practices should be reviewed for every project and pre planned
  5. waste prevetion during puchasing
    • how is the material packaged
    • is the pakaging material green
    • can the packaging matrial be used in tother wayshow is the material shipped
    • is there a plan or a buy back progra for returning pallets and containers and or excess material
  6. Understanding local and state material recycling and salvage requirements
    • where are the diposal sites
    • are they close to the porject
    • what type of waste is acceptaed for disposal or recylcing
    • are waste transit services offered, or does the contractor need to delicer the materials to the diposal site
    • what is the disposal fee
    • does it center on pundage of waste of per item
    • are the fees the same for gree and nongreen waste

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