A&P Lab Practical #2 (Cont'd)

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    • Fetal Skull
  1. What is the only bone in the body that does not articulate with any other bone?

    • Vertebral Column:
    • Cervical (7)
    • Thoracic (12)
    • Lumbar (5)
  2. Intervertebral Discs
  3. Vertebrae structure
  4. Sacrum & Coccyx
  5. Thoracic Cage
  6. Cranial Sutures
    Coronal Suture
    Sagittal Suture
    Squamous Suture
    Lambdoid Suture
  7. Zygomatic = cheek bone

    Zygomatic Arch = Temporal process of the zygomatic bone & the Zygomatic process of the temporal bone.
    • Temporal bone -
    • Mastoid Process
    • Styloid Process
    • External Auditory Meatus
    • Internal Auditory Meatus
  8. 1. What soft tissue structure is in the Sella Turcica?
    2. What bone is this?
    • 1. Pituitary Gland
    • 2. Sphenoid Bone
  9. What is this structure?
    External Auditory Meatus
  10. What bone is this?
    Palatine Bone
  11. What bone is this?
  12. What bone is this?
    Nasal Bone
  13. What is this structure?
    Mental Foramen of the Mandible
  14. What structure is this?
    Alveolar Process of the Mandible Bone
  15. What structure is this?
    Coronoid Process of the Mandible Bone
  16. What structure is this?
    Internal Occipital Protuberance
  17. External Occipital Protuberance
  18. What structure is this?

    Supraorbital Foramen
  19. What structure is this?
    Ramus of the Mandible Bone
  20. What structure is this?
    Mandibular Condyle (part of TMJ)
  21. What structure is this?
    Body of Mandible
  22. Occipital Bone Structures
  23. What bone is this?
  24. What structure is this?
    Crista Gali of the Ethmoid bone
  25. What structure is this?
    Cribiform Plate of the Ethmoid Bone
  26. What structure is this?
    Greater Wing of the Sphenoid
  27. Orbit
  28. What structure is this?
    Superior Orbital Fissure
  29. What structure is this & what soft tissue structure does it contain?
    Stella Turcica of the Sphenoid Bone; Pituitary Gland
  30. What suture is this that divides the Parietal & Temporal Bones?
    Squamous Suture
  31. What structure is this?
    Internal Auditory Meatus
  32. Vertebral Parts
  33. What bony structure is this?
    • Xiphoid Process (cartilage) of the Sternum Bone
  34. What bony structure is this?
    Manubrium of the Sternum Bone
  35. What bone is this?
  36. Which vertebrae has a large body, & a short, fat spinous process?
  37. Which Vertebrae has a thick transverse process for rib, & a long, slender downward pointing spinous process?
    • Thoracic Vertebrae
  38. Which vertebrae has a transverse foramen; most with bifid spinous processes; small bodies; C1 - Atlas - no spinous process; C2 - Axis - dens?
    Cervical Vertebrae
  39. What bone is this?
    Cervical Vertebrae
  40. What bone is this?
    Lumbar Vertebrae
  41. What bone is this?
    Thoracic Vertebrae
  42. What bone is this?
  43. What is this bony structure?
    Glenoid Cavity (fossa) of Scapula (- Articulates with the clavicle)
  44. What bone is this?
    Patella (Sesamoid)
  45. What bony structure is this?
    Obturator Foramen

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