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  1. Lesions with no enhancement:
    cysts, tumors with intact BBB (low-grade gliomas)
  2. Lesions with strong enhancement:
    meningioma, medulloblastoma/PNET, AVM, paraganglioma, aneurysm, HIV-associated lymphoma, GBM
  3. Ring enhancement:
    mets, abscess, GBM, infarct, contusion, AIDS, lymphoma, demyelinating, resolving hematoma, radiation
  4. Diffuse meningeal enhancement:
    meningitis, carcinomatosis (lymphoma, mets), post-op, SAH, intracranial hypotension, CSF leak
  5. Basilar meningeal enhancement: infection �
    TB (#1), fungal, pyogenic (more common on convexity), cysticercosis;
  6. Basilar meningeal enhancement: tumor �
    lymphoma, leukemia, carcinomatosis;
  7. Basilar meningeal enhancement: inflammatory �
    sarcoid, rheumatoid pachymeningitis, drugs, pantopaque, ruptured dermoid
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