quiz #1 – functional electrical stimulation – muscle contraction

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  1. what are the goals of functional electrical stimulation/muscle contraction
    • strengthening/prevent loss of strength
    • muscle reeducation/improve control
    • increase range of motion/change posture
    • relax muscles
  2. what is a motor point
    where a nerve enters a muscle
  3. what kind of wave form is this
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    • russian current
    • sinusoidal pulses
    • 2500 Hz
  4. what kind of wave form is this
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    • bipolar interferential current
    • sinusoidal pulses
    • 4000 Hz
    • Amplitude modulation
  5. what kind of waveform is this and what are some of the characteristics
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    • high volt pulsed direct current
    • DC twin peak pulse of < 100 µs
  6. Image Upload
    why is this wave form called "Russian"
    Russian: Olympic weightlifters used to use it to help build muscle strength/power
  7. Do battery operated electrical stimulators have waveforms like Russian current, bipolar interferential current, and high-volt pulsed direct current
  8. What are the parameters for stimulation for strengthening innervated muscles?
    • waveform
    • pulse duration
    • on-off time
    • ramp time
  9. What is the goal of stimulating denervated muscle to contract?
    • hoping nerves will come back and reinervate
    • have to change the pulse duration though- need much wider
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