chapter key terms

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  1. alopecia
    hair loss
  2. caries
    tooth decay plus cavities
  3. carumen
  4. cheilosis
    lip ulcers
  5. gingivitis
    swelling of gingiva
  6. glossitis
    sweeling of tongue
  7. halitosis
    consistent bad breath in mouth
  8. pediculosis
  9. periondontitis
    gum infection
  10. plaque
    invisible layer on teeth, bacteri build up
  11. stomatitis
    inflamed oral mucosa
  12. tartar
    hardened bacteria, black
  13. asphyxiation
  14. bioterrorism
    deliberate spread of pathogenic organisms into a communicty to cause illness, fear and panic
  15. disaster
    • tragic event that requires response from ppl outside the community
    • 1.natural disaster: earthquake etc
    • disaster: war
  16. nuclear terrorism
    introduction of radioactive materials for causing injury and death
  17. chemical terrorism
    release of chemical for harming ppls' health
  18. restraints
    physical devices to limit patient's movement
  19. sentinel event
    unexpected occurance involving death or serious physical/psychological injury
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