Immuno E2, VII

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  1. Species with long gestation period, still require ___ after birth
    Antigenic Stimulation
  2. Which animals have zero prenatal IgG transfer?
    • Horses
    • Ruminants
  3. In which animals does the IgG predominate in both the colostrum and milk?
  4. Colostrum is rich in..
    • IgG and IgA
    • (IgG predominant in most animals)
  5. In which animals does IgA predominate in the milk?
    • Pigs
    • Horses
    • (IgG still predominates in Colostrum)
  6. Maternal IgG binds to ___ of newborn
    Fc Receptor
  7. Why does the GI tract close?
    new layer of enterocytes form
  8. Septicemia is avoided by intake of____, while enteric Dz's are avoided by intake of ____
    • IgG
    • IgA or IgG
  9. Ways to evaulate for FPT
    • Salt Precipitation/Turbidity Tests
    • Total Serum Protein
    • ELISA
    • Radial Immunodiffusion
    • (last two most common)
  10. Tx of FTP...
    <15 hrs:
    15 hrs- 3 weeks:
    3 weeks:
    • <15 hrs: Colostrum PO
    • 15 hrs- 3 weeks: Plasma IV or IP
    • 3 weeks: Monitor, +/_ ABX
  11. In Dogs and Cats, the earliest age in which a Vx response is possible, is at...
    6-9 weeks
  12. General Rule for Vx of Calves:
    • ~4 months
    • Booster at 6 months or after weaning
  13. Most of the Ab in colostrum is from...
  14. Most of the Ab in milk is from...
    Mammary gland
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