History quiz 3

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  1. both Bacon and Descrates attempted to?
    overcome the philosophical mistakes and biases of the past
  2. Spionzo believed the master motive for human behavior ans thought to be?
  3. according to spinoza, we feel good when we?
    find clear ideas
  4. for Leibniz, his monadology gave consciousness to?
    everything in the universe
  5. the belif that the world is as we immediately experience it is called?
    direct realism
  6. the romantics defined the good life as one lived in accordance with?
    one's own inner nature
  7. BLANK is generally thought of as the father of romanticism?
  8. The statement, "Man is born free and yet we see him everywhere in chance'. is associated with?
  9. Goethe viewed BLANK as the ultimate source of happiness?
  10. Schopenhauer belived that most people cling to life because?
    they feared death
  11. Helmholt'z theory of auditory perception if called the?
    resonance plave theory
  12. The belief that educational experienves could be arranged so that they strengthened certain faculies of the mind was called?
    formal discipline
  13. The part of the cortex known as Wernicke's area is associated with?
    speech comprehension
  14. the first quantitative law in psychology was?
    Weber's law
  15. BLANK is the study of the relationship between physical and psychological events?
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