Dev Psych Exam 2

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  1. Freud's First Psychosexual Development Stage
    • Oral Stage
    • Birth- 2 years

    Feeding stimulates the oral erogenous zoneand is the primary way of interacting with the parent
  2. Erikson's Psychosocial Development Rules
    • People Need People: the process of psychosocial development is one of
    • Individuation-developing an individual identity
    • Adjusting it to obtain a more comfrotable fit
    • with society
    • Development is epigenetic
    • guided by "internal maturational plan" (nature)
    • and external societal demands (nurture)
    • Unfolds in stage prompted by
    • - inner need for growth and majestry new
    • skills
    • -society's need for productivity, resposibility
    • and self-suffiency
  3. Erikson's First Psychosocial Development Stage
    Basic Trust vs Mistrust Birth to toddler

    Forms a stage for all other bases

    • Sense of Trust develops by
    • feelings of physical growth
    • sameness and continuity
    • few or no experiences of fear
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