Arthistory midterm II

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  1. baroque; france; nicolas poussin, burial of phocion, 1648
  2. Baroque; france; claude lorrain, embarkation of the Queen of sheba, 1648
  3. Rococo; france; germain boffrand, Salon de la Princess, hotel de las SOubise, Paris, 1732
  4. rococo; france; germain boffrand; salon de la princess, in the hotel de las soubise, Paris, 1732
  5. Rococo; flanders; jean antonie Watteau; the pilgramage to ctthera, 1717
  6. rococo; france; jean honore fragonard, the swing, 1766
  7. England; hogarth, Marriage contract, 1745
  8. England; Thomas Gainsborough; Robert Andrews and his wife, 1748
  9. france; Leburn; Portrait of Marie Antoinette with her children, 1787
  10. Neoclassicism/ switzerland/ Agelica Kauffmann/ Cornelia pointing to her children as her treasures, 1785
  11. neoclassicism/ italy/ Canova/ Perseus with the head of medusa/ 1800
  12. Neoclassicism/USA/ Benjamin West/ The Death of General Wolfe, 1770
  13. Neoclassicism/ France; Jacques Louis David; Oath of the Horatii, 1784
  14. neoclassicism/ france; jacuqes-Louis David, Death of Marat, 1793
  15. romanticism/ goya/ the third of march1808,1814-15. spain
  16. Romanticism/ england/ william blake/ Elohim creating Adam, 1795
  17. Romanticism/ france/ Gros/ Napoleon in the Plauge house at Jaffa, 1804
  18. romanticism/ france/ Ingres/ Large Odalisque/ 1814
  19. Romanticism/ France/ Theodore Gericault/ The Raft of Medusa/ 1818
  20. romanticism/ france/ eugene delacroix/ Death of Sardanapalus, 1826
  21. Romanticism/ Germany. Friedrich, Abbey in the oak forest, 1810
  22. Romanticism/ England/ Turner/ Snowstorm: hannibal and his army crossing the alps, 1812
  23. Romanticism/ England/ Turner/ The slave ship/ 1840

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Arthistory midterm II
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