Immuno E2, IX

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  1. Type II is mediated by which Ab's?
    • IgG
    • IgM
  2. In a Type II, what occurs when the Ab binds to the cell surface Ag?
    • Agglutination/hemolysis,
    • or stimulation of
    • Opsonization and phagocytosis
  3. How does cell destruction occur in Type II?
    • Classical Complement Cascade
    • ADCC
  4. Indicators of RBC Destruction:
    • Hemolysis observed in serum
    • Low PCV
    • Hematuria
  5. Examples of Immune Mediated Cytopenias
    • Hemolytic Anemia
    • Thrombocytopenia (PLT)
    • Leukopenia, rare (WBC)
  6. Two types of hemolysis that occur with cytopenias
    • Extravascular Hemolysis
    • Intravascular Hemolysis
  7. With Extravascular Hemolysis, cells are tagged with ___ and removed by ____
    • Ab/C3b
    • Liver or Spleen
  8. With Intravascular Hemolysis, cells are tagged with ___ and removed by ____
    • IgG/IgM
    • Complement lyses cells
  9. Primary VS Secondary Immune Mediated Cytopenias
    • Primary=Idiopathic
    • Secondary= Drug or Infectious Agent
  10. Infectious Agents that cause Cytopenias:
    • EIAV (Ag sticks to RBC)
    • Mycoplasma Canis/Felis
    • Rickettsias: Erlichia/Anaplasma
    • Protozoa: Babesia
    • (latter alter RBC Ag)
  11. How are Immune-Mediated Hemolytic Anemia's Dx'd?
    Coomb's Test
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