Immuno E2, X

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  1. Type III is due to...
    • the formation of immune complexes between Ab and SOLUBLE Ag
    • (becomes a problem when builds up)
  2. Which Ab is usually involved?
  3. Generalized VS Local Type III
    • Local= Tissues
    • Generalized= Circulation
  4. How does Type III => Inflammation
    • Complexes Activate Complement
    • Complement binds Mast Cells
    • Mast Cells degranulation causes Neut's to accumulate
    • Neutrophils cause inflammation
  5. Examples of Localized Type III:
    • Arthus Rxn
    • Blue Eye
    • Heaves
  6. What causes an Arthus Reaction occur?
    Injection of Ag when Ab already present => IgG complexes
  7. Symptoms Of Arthus Rxn (6):
    • Redness
    • Swelling/Edema
    • Pain
    • (Localized)
    • Hemorrhage
    • Thrombosis
    • +/- Tissue Necrosis
  8. What Vx can cause Arthus Rxn?
    Tetanus Toxoid
  9. What causes Blue Eye?
    • Canine Adenovirus Type I infection or
    • Modified Live Vx
  10. Blue Eye causes
    Anterior Uveitis-> Corneal Edema & Opacity
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