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  1. why do cells divide
    they want to stay small because they function better
  2. what is the largest single celled organism
    giant amiba
  3. cellular communication is more effective in a
    smaller cell
  4. the larger a cell becomes:
    the more demand the cell places on its DNA
  5. the smaller the cell:
    the more effective it is
  6. what is the equation for surface area
    L*W*#of sides
  7. what is the equation for volume
  8. what is the ratio about when it comes to size of cells
    surface area : volume
  9. about the ratio of surface area to volume: what increases faster?
    volume increases faster than surface area
  10. what happens to the ratio as the cell grows?
    decreases making it very difficult to transport nutrients in and waste out
  11. what are the 3 parts of the cell cycle? what happens in each
    • interphase: chromosomes tighten, cell grows
    • mitosis: 4 parts, divides it nucleus
    • cytokinesis: divides cytoplasm
  12. as organisms grow and develop,
    the size of the cells don't change, just the quanity
  13. when do daughter cells form
    when one cell divides into two
  14. how many chromosomes do human cells have?
  15. what are somatic cells
    cells in your body that don't include reproductive cells
  16. how many chromosomes in reproductive cells
  17. what are chromosomes made out of?
    DNA and protein
  18. when are chromosomes visible?
    during cell division/mitosis
  19. when does a cell copy its chromosomes?
  20. where does a cell spend most of its life? and how long
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