Ochem Lab Column Chromatography

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  1. Mobile component of Column Chromatography
    Organic Solvent
  2. Stationary component of Column Chromatography
    Solid absorbant
  3. Solid support component of Column Chromatography
    The column
  4. Physical Property component of Column Chromatography
  5. Detection component of Column Chromatography
    Color (UV light also)
  6. Pavilion coefficient
    kp(x) [x] stat/ [x] mobile
  7. Compounds with a higher affinity for the stationary phase will...
    Will be retained longer
  8. Stationary phase
    Typically POLAR material
  9. Examples of stationary phase
    Polar material

    Silica Gel (SiO2) : Slightly aidic...avoid use with acid sensitive compounds...basic tend to have a larger affinity

    Alumina (NaAl2O3): Slightly basic

    Silicon Gel (C18): Less common reverse phase..nonpolar instead of polar
  10. Mobile phase
    • Organic solvents
    • -Can cahnge the polarity of mobile phase through a gradient
    • -Mix nonpolar and polar solvents; polarity

    -Changes with

    -Solvents must by misuble
  11. Examples of Mobile Phase
    Nonpolar: Hexanes

    Polar: Acetone
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