arthistory midterm III

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    romanticism; john constable; the hay wain;1821
  2. realism; ernest meissonier, the barricade; June 1848
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    realism; france; rosa bonheur; plowing in the nivernais: the dressing of the vines, 1849
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    realism; france; gustave gourbet; the stone breakers; 1849
  5. realism; gustave courbet; burial at ornas; 1849
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    realism; france; millet; the gleaners; 1857
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    realism; france; honore daumier; the third class carriage; 1862
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    photography. france; Louis-Jacques-Mande-Daguerre; the artist's studio, 1837
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    photographhy/england/ henry fox talbot/ a view of the boulevards of paris, 1843
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    realism/ england/ john everett millais; christ in the house of his parents; 1849-50
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