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  1. what is the primary role of the family?
  2. what does a nuclear family make up
  3. •Traditional nuclear family
    •Made up of biologic or adoptive parentsMother and father—and their children
  4. extended family
    • Extended family
    • •Relatives of either spouse who live with the nuclear family
    • •More prevalent in the late 1800s and early to mid-1900s
  5. Made up of stepparents and their children
    •Most often a mother, her biologic children, and a stepfather; however, other variations exist
    Blended family
  6. Single-parent family
    • •Characterized by one head of the household, usually a mother or father
    • •The parent may be widowed, divorced, separated, or never married
  7. Nontraditional family
    • •Open marriages
    • •Communal families
    • •Cohabitating couples
    • •Group marriages
    • •Gay and lesbian families
  8. Informal rolesFormal roles
  9. •Not as apparent; usually meet the emotional needs of individuals or maintain the family’s equilibrium
    •Encourager, harmonizer, initiator-contributor, blocker, martyr, family scapegoat, family caretaker, family go-between, and family coordinator
  10. Communication refers to
    the process of exchanging feelings, desires, ideas, needs information, and opinions

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