Biology Lecture ch 33 Vocab

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  1. Pentaradial symmetry
    • symmetry in 5 or multiples of five
    • changed from the bilateral symmetry larva
  2. water vascular system
    • a unique feature of the echinoderms
    • a network of water-filled canals leading to extensions (tube feet)
    • madreporite -> ring canal -> radial canal -> tube feet
  3. Tube feet
    extensions used for locomotion, gas exchange, and feeding
  4. notochord
    • most distinct chordates
    • composed of a core of large cells with fluid filled vacuoles making it rigid and flexible
  5. Vertebrates
    have jointed vertebral column
  6. vertebral column
    • in the dorsal cavity
    • replaces the notochord during early development
  7. tetrapods
    the four legged vertebrates
  8. amphibians
    • the adaptation of water bound animals to terrestrial animals
    • must stay in moist environments to stay alive
  9. culture
    the knowledge and traditions that are passed along from one generation to the next by teaching and observation
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