MicroBio Test

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  1. What is metabolism
    The biochemical process taking place in living cells
  2. what is anabolism?
    The synthesis of large organic compounds
  3. what does anabolism do?
    forms bonds which require energy,anabolic reactions are therefore endergonic
  4. what is catabolism?
    the hydroysis of large organic molecules
  5. what do catabolic reactions do?
    Break bonds, releasing energy
  6. what are exergonic reactions?
    a chem react. releasing energy. catabolism & anobolism
  7. what are enzymes?
    proteins that increase the probability of chem. react. while remaining unchanged. b/c they are unchanged, they are reuseable
  8. what do enzymes act on to form products?
  9. how do enzymes function?
    they align substrate molecules in a way that a reaction is highly favorable
  10. what happens during a hydrolysis reaction?
    the bonds w/in a substrate are streched & weakened, causing the bond to break.
  11. what happens during a synthesis reaction?
    functional group of the substrates are forced to overlap making a chem. bond form.
  12. what is an active site?
    critical area on the surface of enzymes where substrates are positioned & oriented to react
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