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  1. HRCT: ground glass opacity �
    hypersensitivity pneumonitis, all acute interstitial disease (IPF, viral), PCP, BOOP, eosinophilic PNA, pulmonary edema, alveolar proteinosis;
  2. HRCT: nodular �
    hematogenous infection or mets, sarcoid, pneumoconiosis (silicosis, CWP), EG;
  3. HRCT: reticulonodular �
    pulmonary edema, viral, mycoplasma, PCP, lymphangitic spread, pulmonary fibrosis (IPF, drugs, radiation, CVD), asbestosis;
  4. HRCT: cystic �
    LAM, cystic PCP, EG, honeycombing (IPF, any end-stage ILD);
  5. HRCT: interlobular septal thickening �
    CHF, lymphangitic spread, alveolar proteinosis, sarcoid;
  6. HRCT: centrilobular nodules �
    endobronchial spread of infection or tumor (TB, MAI, bronchoPNA), airways diseases (CF, bronchiectasis, TB, MAI), hypersensitivity pneumonitis, silicosis, histiocytosis, BOOP, pulmonary edema, talc;
  7. HRCT: tree-in-bud �
    endobronchial spread of infection, airways diseases;
  8. HRCT: perilymphatic nodules �
    sarcoid, silicosis, lymphangitic spread;
  9. HRCT: diffuse random nodules �
    miliary TB, fungus, mets
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