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  1. Large thoracic mass:
    tumor (bronchogenic CA, lymphoma), mets, infection (abscess, round PNA), rounded atelectasis, sequestration, hematoma; extrapulmonary � fibrous tumor of pleura, loculated effusion , chest wall mass, mediastinal mass, AAA
  2. Adenopathy: low attenuation �
    TB or fungal infection esp in AIDS, necrotic mets, lymphoma, seminoma;
  3. Adenopathy: vascular �
    Castleman�s, vascular mets (carcinoid, small cell, KS, RCC, thyroid, melanoma, chorioCA);
  4. Adenopathy: calcified �
    TB, fungal, sarcoid, silicosis, lymphoma post radiation;
  5. Adenopathy: intrathoracic nodal mets �
    GU (renal, testicular), head and neck (skin, larynx, thyroid), breast, melanoma, KS
  6. Eggshell calcifications in hilar nodes:
    silicosis, CWP, treated lymphoma, granulomatous dz, sarcoid (rare)
  7. Conglomerate masses:
    silicosis, CA, TB, fungus, sarcoid, berylliosis
  8. Mediastinal widening:
    enlarged thyroid, malignant adenopathy, tortuous brachiocephalic vessels or aorta, mediastinal hemorrhage, fatty deposition (mediastinal lipomatosis), mediastinitis, lymphoma, lung CA, thymic lesion, teratoma
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