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  1. Hilar mass: bilateral + symmetric
    (TB, fungal, sarcoid, mets, lymphoma, silicosis, PA enlargement),
  2. Hilar mass: bilateral + asymmetric
    (TB, fungal, sarcoid, mets, lymphoma, silicosis, PA enlargement),
  3. Hilar mass: unilateral
    (TB, fungal, sarcoid, mets, lymphoma, lung CA, Castleman�s, PA enlargement, bronchogenic cyst)
  4. Superior mediastinal mass:
    thyroid, adenopathy, cystic hygroma, lymphoma, mets, vascular, parathyroid
  5. Anterior mediastinal mass:
    thymic lesion (thymoma), lymphoma (Hodgkin�s), germ cell tumor (teratoma), thyroid (intrathoracic goiter), vascular (aneurysm), bronchogenic cyst, pericardial cyst, lymphangioma, hemangioma, lipoma, TB, fungus, sarcoid, mets
  6. Middle mediastinal mass:
    thyroid (intrathoracic goiter), esophageal lesion (leiomyoma, duplication cyst), bronchogenic cyst, pericardial cyst, vascular lesion (aneurysm, aberrant vessel), mets (head and neck, GU, breast, melanoma), lung CA (small cell), lymphoma, leukemia, KS, TB, fungus, sarcoid, hiatal hernia, Castleman�s disease
  7. Posterior mediastinal mass:
    neurogenic tumor (neurofibroma, schwannoma, ganglioneuroma, neuroblastoma, pheochromocytoma, paraganglioma), anterior or lateral thoracic meningocele, bronchogenic cyst, gastroenteric cyst, neuroenteric cyst, TB spine, paraspinal lymphoma, vascular, hematoma, extramedullary hematopoeisis, Bochdalak hernia, sequestration, mets, sarcoid
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radiology resident chest

radiology resident chest
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