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  1. Endobronchial:
    tumor (usu sq cell > small cell, carcinoid), mets, TB, hamartoma, papilloma, hemangioma, foreign body, mucus plug, trauma, broncholith
  2. Bronchiectasis:
    postinfectious (most common), bronchial obstruction (neoplasm, FB), congenital (CF, Kartageners);
  3. Bronchiectasis: upper lobe �
    CF, TB, radiation, ABPA
  4. Mucoid (bronchial) impaction:
    CF, asthma, ABPA, congenital bronchial atresia
  5. Tracheal lumen: increased �
    tracheobronchomegaly, pulmonary fibrosis, tracheomalacia;
  6. Tracheal lumen: decreased �
    saber-sheath (COPD), tracheomalacia, relapsing polychondritis, sarcoid, amyloid, Wegener's, TB and fungal stenosis, tracheopathia osteochondroplastica
  7. Scarring:
    prior TB, prior pneumonia, prior PE, prior trauma, prior surgery, radiation, fibrosis
  8. Calcification:
    granuloma (TB, fungus), hamartoma, lung CA, vascular, pleural (asbestos exposure, prior pyothorax or hemothorax), sarcoid, silicosis, varicella, mitral stenosis, mets (bone tumor, mucinous tumors, post-chemotherapy), alveolar microlithiasis, parasites
  9. Air fluid level:
    lung (abscess, tumor, cyst), mediastinum (esophageal lesion, bronchogenic cyst), pleural (hydroPTX, hemoPTX, pyoPTX), hiatal hernia, achalasia
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radiology resident chest

radiology resident chest
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