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  1. Atelectasis:
    poor diaphragmatic excursion, hypoventilation, PE;
  2. Atelectasis: central obstruction �
    endobronchial mass (bronchogenic CA, mucus plug, foreign body), extrinsic mass (large lymph nodes, large heart, aneurysm, mediastinal mass);
  3. Atelectasis: peripheral obstruction �
    pneumonia, post-surgery (LLL after cardiac surgery);
  4. Atelectasis: compression �
    pleural effusion, PTX;
  5. Atelectasis: contraction �
    scarring from chronic TB or any pulmonary fibrosis
  6. Complete opacification of one hemithorax:
    complete atelectasis (bronchogenic CA, mucus plug, ETT too low), large effusion (mets, lymphoma), prior pneumonectomy, malignant mesothelioma, unilateral pneumonia or pulmonary edema
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