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  1. PTX:
    emphysema (ruptured bulla), trauma (rib puncture, ruptured bronchus), iatrogenic (line placement, thoracentesis), any chronic interstitial lung disease or pneumoconiosis, pulmonary fibrosis, spontaneous, ventilator, bronchopleural fistula, infection (Staph), neoplasm (metastatic osteosarcoma), LAM, EG, asthma, PCP, catamenial
  2. Pneumomediastinum:
    asthma, trauma, alveolar rupture, ruptured bronchus or esophagus, post endoscopy, Boerhaave syndrome, positive pressure ventilation, chest tube placement, ruptured abdominal viscus, post surgical, pneumo(retro)peritoneum
  3. Pleural effusion:
    infectious, tumor (lung CA, mets, lymphoma), CHF (R>L), nephrotic syndrome, renal failure, liver failure, post-surgery (L post-cardiac surgery), post-trauma, mesothelioma, asbestosis, ovarian CA (Meig's syndrome), pancreatitis, Dressler syndrome, CVD, sarcoid, drugs, ascites, PE, leukemia
  4. Chylothorax:
    tumor (esp lymphoma), trauma, iatrogenic, idiopathic, LAM, filariasis
  5. Pleural mass:
    mesothelioma, benign fibrous tumor, malignant thymoma/lymphoma, mets (esp lung CA), lipoma, , neurofibromas, infection (TB, fungus, Actinomycosis), asbestos-related, trauma, surgery
  6. Pleural mass: rib tumors children �
    EG, ABC, Ewing's, neuroblastoma;
  7. Pleural mass: rib tumors adults �
    mets>myeloma>Paget's, fibrous dysplasia

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radiology resident chest

radiology resident chest
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