CFI Physics Exam #1

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  1. A physicist records the length of apendulum as 152.4cm +/- 0.1 cm. The designation of +/- is most properly called that _________.
    Margin of error
  2. Waht is the fundamental SI until of mass?
  3. How would you write 39,000,000 in scientfic notation?
    9.3 x 107
  4. True/False: 5 Liters - 2 square inches is a possible process.
    False: They are different dimensions
  5. Which is a derived unit:
    m, s, m/s, or K
    m/s (meters per second)
  6. What does the prefix nano- mean?
  7. How many signifigant digits are in the number 6.02200?
  8. Two quantities cannont be compared, added, or subtracted unless they have teh same ___________.
  9. All objects in __________ have the same accelration.
    free fall
  10. Which of the following is a vector quanity:
    Velocity, Mass, Time, or Speed
  11. What equation is used to calculate centripetal acceleration?
  12. What will happen if arrow A is shot horizontally at the exact moment that an identical arrow B is dropped from the same height?
    Arrows A and B will hit the ground at the same time
  13. If you are driving a car at a constant speed around a circular track, are you accelerating?
    Yes, because my direction is continually changing
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