ASM Spanish (Mar 2) Medical Terms

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  1. I am doing fine
    Estoy bien
  2. I am sick
    Me encurentro mal
  3. I have a cough
    I cough
    I sneeze
    • Estoy consipado
    • Toso
    • Estornudo
  4. I have the flu
    I Have a fever
    • Tengo gripe
    • Tengo fiebre
  5. I have a broken finger
    Tengo el dedo roto
  6. I have a headache
    Me duele la cabeza
  7. My finger is bleeding
    Me sangra el dedo
  8. the blood
    la sangre
  9. the pill
    la pastilla
  10. They gave me a shot
    Me pinchan
  11. My throat hurts
    Me duele la garganta
  12. I have a stomache
    Me duele el estomago
  13. I have a heart attack
    Me duele el corazon
  14. My bones hurt
    Me duelen los huesos
  15. My whole body hurts
    Me duele el cuerpo muela
  16. My molar hurts
    Me duele la muela
  17. My teeth hurt.
    Me duelen los dienes
  18. I have a stiff neck.
    Tengo torticolos.
  19. To have an appointment with the doctor
    Tener una cita con el medico
  20. To make a prescription
    Hacer una receta

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ASM Spanish (Mar 2) Medical Terms
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Medical terms

Medical terms
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